Steinbruner Fund supports doctoral work on Arctic security

July 09, 2018

Doctoral student Rachael Gosnell attended the 2018 High North Dialogue in Norway this past April with support from the Steinbruner Student Support Fund.

Gosnell’s doctoral research examines the impact of maritime activity in the “High North” on the development of governance and behavior of the five Arctic coastal states and China, a self-declared “near Arctic” state. While in Norway, Gosnell also participated in a Nord University course on “Governance in the High North: Implications for Arctic Private and Public Sectors.” Her participation in the conference and the course helped her to connect with European, Russian, Chinese, and North American scholars and practitioners and informed her doctoral work.

An active duty U.S. Naval officer, Gosnell has served overseas and at the Pentagon. She is currently an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy and a CISSM Graduate Fellow.

The Steinbruner Student Support Fund was established to honor the late CISSM Director John Steinbruner. The fund provides support to School of Public Policy students and graduates to conduct research or otherwise engage in scholarly and policy activities related to CISSM’s cooperative security research agenda—broadly defined. 

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