Robert D. Lamb

Research Associate

Bob Lamb is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Foundation for Inclusion and a CISSM Research Associate. Bob is a strategist, policy adviser, public speaker, and collaborator with more than 50 publication credits, 100+ speaking engagements in more than 20 countries, and a twenty-year record of studying hidden knowledge affecting success in organizations and societies—from social dynamics in war zones to intangible factors in business relationships. Before starting the Foundation for Inclusion, he was a strategist at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the conflict director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and a visiting research professor at the Army War College. An award-winning journalist covering technology, business, and finance, he changed careers after 9/11, earning a Ph.D. at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy in an interdisciplinary program combining security, economics, complexity, and ethics.

Bob’s research deals with complex problems in divided societies. It is focused in particular on how societies fall apart, how they come together, and how small groups of people achieve large-scale change. Drawing on knowledge of how engineers, entrepreneurs, and other specialists in a wide range of fields have solved complex problems, Bob has developed methods for determining what it takes to hold a society together and generalized those methods to addressing complex social problems on any topic. He has applied new approaches to assessing the effectiveness of problem-solving systems in complex environments, stakeholder relations in global banking, risks of instability in post-conflict environments, dynamics of legitimacy in war zones, and the quality of governance in non-governmental institutions.