Support CISSM

While much of CISSM's research and outreach are supported by foundation and government grants, CISSM has established several funds that allow for individuals to support CISSM work. See below for more information about how you can support CISSM's work.

The Target of Opportunity Fund

The Target of Opportunity Fund supports exploratory research, education, and outreach efforts on security policy problems for which CISSM does not currently have dedicated grant funding. Current areas of interest include the dynamics of civil violence; the security implications of climate change in countries with weak governance; and revisiting the morality of nuclear deterrence decades after the Cold War has ended. Help expand international cooperation in a world with evolving security concerns.


The John D. Steinbruner Student Support Fund 

The John D. Steinbruner Student Support Fund provides small awards to current School of Public Policy students and alumni who are engaged in research and education related to the cooperative security research agenda that Dr. John Steinbruner championed while director of CISSM from 1999-2014. It helps students to conduct field research, give conference presentations, and take advantage of other opportunities for professional growth, such as memberships, subscriptions, and participation to programs that would otherwise be unaffordable. 

The fund is intended to partially support the total cost of attending an event in case of conference and travel funding. Other SPP and UMD Graduate School sources of funding should be used in conjunction with requested SSSF funding. The award will be judged on an individual, rolling basis and subject to available funds. 

To be considered for the award, students should submit an initial proposal, e.g. abstract/proposal for conference presentation, and a statement of need with estimated costs to Jonas Siegel,