Olesia Gretskaia


Olesia Gretskaia is a master’s student at the School for World Politics and International Security at the Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies (ISKRAN) and is a research assistant at ISKRAN. She is the visiting ISKRAN fellow at CISSM during the fall of 2018. 

Her research focus is U.S. political decision-making. In particular, she is interested in the system of checks and balances that characterize U.S. war powers. She received her bachelor’s degree in regional studies, and completed her thesis on “The U.S. Congress and Decision-making Process on War and Peace.” She is also interested in the global nuclear nonproliferation regime and the Iranian nuclear program. Olesia previously participated in the CISSM-ISKRAN exchange project titled “From Renewed Competition to Rejuvenated Cooperation: Strategies for Improving U.S.-Russia Security Relations.”