After Assessing the Alternatives, Americans Reluctantly Embrace the Iran Deal

Publication Date: 
September 2015
Security Cooperation with Iran: Challenges and Opportunities
The Program for Public Consultation
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Articles and Op-Eds
Americans don't love the Iran deal. There is a lot they wish were different. But when they look at it closely, review hard-hitting critiques, and--perhaps most importantly--evaluate the alternatives, a clear majority recommends that their Members of Congress approve of the deal. Republicans do not concur, though they don't settle on an alternative. These are the findings of a new in-depth survey of a citizen advisory panel, consisting of a representative sample of 702 registered voters. Fifty-five percent of the panelists endorsed approving the deal, including 72 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of independents, but only 33 percent of Republicans. Read the full article.