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Research & Impact

CISSM event at Atlantic Council

The Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM) conducts research, informs policy debates, and helps current and future leaders find creative solutions to complex global challenges.

CISSM Impact

CISSM's many research projects and outreach activities impact policy development and the public good by: 


CISSM faculty and researchers conduct original, in-depth, interdisciplinary research on global policy challenges. CISSM research focuses on fundamental questions at the root of these challenges and that extend over a long time-horizon


CISSM faculty and researchers circulate their research findings in scholarly and policy publications, at events and workshops, at academic and trade conferences, and through briefings with policy makers, NGOs, and the private sector.


CISSM works with academic, governmental, and nongovernmental partners to develop innovative initiatives to engage the broad public in critical domestic and international policy debates.

Four cross-cutting themes connect faculty, researchers, and students working on CISSM’s research agenda:

  • managing competition and cooperation in international relations
  • reducing risks from dual-use technologies
  • enhancing human security
  • improving multi-stakeholder global governance