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Categorizing cyber effects

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The chapter is a part of a larger volume titled The Elgar Companion to Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in the Economy, Society and Democracy

Chapter 1: Categorizing cyber effects will be available on the CISSM and GoTech websites in December 2023

An earlier version (2018) of this publication is available for download here

This book examines when, where, how, and why artificial intelligence and digital transformation can boost innovation and transform the economy, society and democracy. It is developed based on the Cyber-D4 nexus, which is a conceptual framework of Cyber-Defense, Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Diplomacy. This nexus ties new national and industrial cyber strategies, including business strategies for smart cities and the Internet of Things, with the local, national, regional, and global security and economic objectives.

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