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A Regional Arrangement on Securing Radiological Agents as a CSBM: Common Interest in Preventing Radiological Terrorism

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Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBMs) are intended to build trust and enhance security between parties to a political process, and can contribute to gradual conflict transformation and resolution. In this paper, we propose that designing and implementing a radiological materials-secured zone for the protection of radiological materials and the prevention of radiological terrorism on the regional level could serve as a CSBM by positively contributing to a Middle East regional arms control and security process. Since the need for protection against radiological terrorism is shared by all regional actors, and considering that radiological weapons are not likely to be included in any actor’s national security strategy, the issue of radiological protection can offer a cooperative project which would not only enhance security through the prevention of radiological threats, but could also build further channels of collaboration in the region and thus increase confidence.

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