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Ebrahim Mohseni

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Ebrahim Mohseni is a research associate at Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM), an assistant professor of Iranian Studies on the faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran, and a senior analyst at the University of Tehran Center for Public Opinion Research. Mohseni has focused on studying Iranian public opinion on key national, international and security issues since 2006. He has also been involved in survey studies conducted in more than 40 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, the United States, Russia, China and EU member countries. Mohseni is the co-author of “People and the Tenth Election,” which investigates Iranian voting behavior in the tenth presidential election of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mohseni has a PhD in policy studies, a master's in public policy and a graduate certificate in intelligence analysis from the University of Maryland. He also has bachelor's degrees in political science and economics.

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